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"Mary is the absolute best and I can't say enough about how much she has helped me. She deeply cares about people and she offers support, wisdom, and useful insight. She gives people concrete tools to work with too. Even during the depths of this pandemic, she manages to impart a sense of peace, calm, and hope. Mary clearly has a heartfelt passion for helping others. A bit about me: I am a tough nut to crack. And I have a graduate degree in clinical social work. It takes a lot for me to recommend anyone as a coach or therapist, but I recommend Mary without reservation." --Jackie, Portland, OR

"Her ability to so effortlessly craft such an authentic, vulnerable, caring environment is astonishing. I will be forever grateful that Mary has become such an integral part of my mental health journey." -- Nikki, New York, NY

"Mary creates a true safe space for everyone to be exactly who they are and allows each person as much time as they need to work through their feelings and troubles. It's been a wonderful sense of security during these very uncertain times." -- Berneal, Queens, NY

"Mary is a skilled and compassionate leader and she has created, and continues to facilitate, a safe, supportive group environment where people gather to hold space for each other. I look forward to each session knowing that her respect for everyone's experience, her calm voice and her gentle honesty will bring me the healing I need in that moment." -- Isla, Oxford, UK

"Mary has a great gift for group facilitation. I have deeply appreciated her compassion and lightness of spirit." --Donna D., Portland, OR

"Mary creates an environment where we all feel safe and understood. She helps you to know your special gifts, building our self confidence and giving us the tools to help both ourselves and others." -- Decnie J., Chicago, IL

"I have found Mary to be an empathetic, non-judgemental, excellent listener. Her easy-going demeanor and no-pressure approach makes for easy exchanges and trust. If you are looking for an authentic, one-on-one coaching or support group experience, I highly recommend Mary." -- Donna S., Portland, OR

"Mary has an innate compassion for personal needs with intense listening skills, yet there is a lightness about her which can give one so much hope." --Kathryn M., Portland Oregon

"Everything she says is well thought out, insightful, thought provoking, and without judgement or pressure to be anything other than myself. She is a wealth of knowledge and ideas, and a patient sounding board. I loved that her skills went above "listening" (something I can and frequently do call my mother for!) and extended into encouraging me with workable action steps between sessions. I wouldn't be the successful, happy, and "unstuck" person I am today without her help!" --Megan C., Clearwater, FL

"Yes. I have to say you went beyond in helping others including my self in being enough to being my self in my healing journey. That is way more then what I can say that [local mental health office] did not do for me in 10 months in extreme suffering and toxicity from this this company. Thank you soul talk coaching for working with me and listening to me with out any strings attached or negative judgment. I am still thinking about what you said to me in working on my self wellbeing and healing. Have a great weekend! Thanks mary! thank you for the one on one counseling. I found it very helpful. I am still working on those skills. From a negative perspective and experience what did you gain in a positive perspective from that trauma? what was the lesson you learned to rise above all this to become more than what you are? what was the blessings in the trauma that made you stronger today? I'm working on this. thanks" --Lenny, Portland, OR